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Former Shell CEO to be new Whitman prez

Peter Ramaley

October 30, 2014

In a controversial announcement, Whitman College announced that Ben van Beurden, the Dutch CEO of Shell Oil Company, will be the next president of the college. The end of the presidential search has come after months of shady backroom bar meetings at The Green, along with candidate interrogations and...

U.S. Reliance on Foreign Oil Creates Sizeable Price

U.S. Reliance on Foreign Oil Creates Sizeable Price

Dani Hupper

December 12, 2013

Only thrilling news could follow such an uplifting title. But alas, our nation's foreign oil dependency is far from optimistic. The real price of oil isn't shown at the gas pump or the stock exchange. An accurate analysis of oil and petroleum products' cost would have to account for oil's colossal (yet ove...

Divestment Should Be More than Just Symbolic

April 11, 2013

This column was contributed by Martha Sebald '14 This past weekend, a few dozen students and student representatives crowded into Reid Campus Center for an informational hearing to help ASWC determine whether or not it will support divestment: an important conversation indeed. Here I would like to ...

High Consumption Demands Tough Choices

Danielle Broida

October 31, 2012

Earth's human population is 7,075,228,550 and growing by the second. Americans constitute five percent of the world's population but consume 24 percent of the world's energy. The relationship between population rise and the demand for food, water and resources is unavoidable. In the midst of environmental havoc...

Green Party vote not wasted

Green Party vote not wasted

Sam Chapman

October 25, 2012

I dream of an election in which the Green, Libertarian, Constitution and Justice parties are all polling around 17 percent beside the Democrat and Republican, who are doing about as well. Instead, this election is another iteration of the usual two-party nightmare. I'm not writing to complain a...

Oil drilling in Alaska will help save economy

Bryant Fong

February 26, 2009

I ask you the question of where Obama is going to get the money to fund his alternative energy initiatives.   While I do support a change to alternative energy, and I myself have never been to Alaska, I am having difficulty seeing feasible options other than tapping our Northern oil sources. The...

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