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No More Deaths focuses on humanitarian crisis at border

Julia Stone

April 5, 2012

Recently, immigration has been a highly contested political issue, but six Whitman students who spent one week on the U.S.-Mexico border reveal that immigration and border control is just as much a humanitarian issue as it is a political one. Earlier in January, sophomore Keiler Beers began orga...

No More Deaths reveals humanitarian issues close to home

Illustration: Julie Peterson

April 5, 2012

This column was contributed by senior Lauren McCullough and sophomore Keiler Beers. Americans and Whitman students have a long legacy of being interested in humanitarian crises outside the United States. Live Aid in the 1980s. Sudan. Haiti. Most recently, Whitman students and the broader American public are...

No More Deaths tackles injustice along U.S.-Mexico border

September 8, 2011

Article written by Madelyn Peterson. Javier1 carries his height with humility and smiles easily. He grew up near his grandparents' ranch in Sonora, Mexico, riding horses and fighting roosters. He made his living and formed his family in Arizona, where he's resided for 10 years. He calls his family...

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