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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
Whitman news since 1896

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Is an animal a person?

Jessica Parker October 14, 2014

Do nonhumans have certain rights that we aren't currently granting them? This is one of the questions addressed in a case regarding chimpanzee personhood that is currently going though the New York Supreme...

Whitman Faculty, Staff Members Receive Recognition

Josephine Adamski March 6, 2014
Whitman professors, faculty and staff are often honored for their hard work throughout the year. Three of Whitman's faculty and staff members, featured here, have recently received huge acknowledgements of their projects and accomplishments.
Photo by Chaoyu Li

Local Artist Displays Eclectic Work at Museum of Un-Natural History

Isabel Mills September 26, 2013
Meet Gerry Matthews, the colorful owner of the free downtown Museum of Unnatural History.

Mariners’ Outlook

Tristan Gavin April 18, 2013
The Mariner's are not a bad team in 2013, but lofty fan expectations could prevent them from being great any time soon.
Illustration by Emily Jones

Willis Proves it’s Not a Good Day to ‘Die Hard’

Nathan Fisher February 21, 2013
Disclaimer: I am a HUGE “Die Hard” fan, and in my book, Bruce Willis is THE MAN. Needless to say, for months I've been anticipating Valentine's Day, not for the sugar high or the "love is in the air" feeling, but for the premier of “A Good Day to Die Hard,” the fifth installment of one of my favorite franchises.

Senior art majors reveal thesis projects with metropolitan inspiration

Clara Bartlett April 19, 2012
For Whitman's visual art majors, a thesis is not made of paragraphs and footnotes, but of charcoal and pigment. The "Visual Art Majors Senior Thesis Exhibition" opens tomorrow, April 20 in Sheehan Gallery. This opening is the culmination of months of creativity and long hours spent working in Fouts Center for Visual Arts, where each senior visual art major has a studio.
Credit: Allie Felt

‘The Altruists’ explores themes of sexuality, social protest

Clara Bartlett November 10, 2011
Running from Wednesday, Nov. 9 through Sunday, Nov. 13, 'The Altruists' probes sensitive and timely issues, through intimate portrayals of a group of aimless social malcontents in New York City.

Art majors to seek inspiration in Empire State

Alex Hagen October 27, 2011
Senior art majors prepare to head to New York City for an annual journey of creative stimulation. The city's diverse art scene and current political milieu offer a range of learning experiences for the students.
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