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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Photo contributed by Carissa Cox.

Whitman alumni continue to find joy in music

Jaime Fields, Campus Life Editor November 4, 2021

Take a walk past the Hall of Music late at night, and chances are you’ll still be able to hear someone practicing their instrument or their singing. There are many opportunities to get involved in music...

Music Majors Commit In and Out of the Classroom

Serena Runyan October 3, 2013
Learn about the busy lives of several music majors on campus.
Katherine Lee.  Photos by Faith Bernstein.

Katherine Lee

Mallory Martin February 27, 2013
This week, The Pioneer sat down with violinist Katherine Lee. A junior English/music double major who hails from Honolulu, Hawaii, Lee spends most of her time adjusting to the cold, practicing her violin, learning piano and helping out Professor Sharon Alker as a Writing Fellow for the Encounters program. Lee's recital will be Saturday, March 2 at 7:30 p.m. in Chism Auditorium.

Piano Professor’s Departure Upsets Music Students

Sarah Cornett November 15, 2012
In the past three years, the Whitman music department has undergone monumental shifts in its faculty, both tenure-track and temporary. After a recent decision to not rehire highly esteemed piano specialist Melissa Loehnig, some music students are questioning the policies of the administration and the nature of the tenure track at Whitman.
Maberry strikes chord with challenging opera production

Maberry strikes chord with challenging opera production

caitlinhardee November 9, 2009
The new Divertimento Baroque Opera Company on campus strips down the opera to the actual music rather than relying on theatrics.

The music major makes good for Whitman alum

Hadley Jolley October 31, 2009
An internship at Everett's Village Theater for former music major Jamie Lilly '04 leads to full time job in something she loves.
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