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Washington State Considers Carbon Tax

Elizabeth Friedman

September 29, 2016

The Campus Climate Coalition (CCC) is trying to drum up support in favor of initiative i732, a bill that will create a state-wide carbon tax. The carbon tax is a revenue neutral approach to a carbon price. CCC is working with Carbon Washington, a non-partisan organization that’s trying to bring a c...

Microsoft donates to expand computer science program

Microsoft donates to expand computer science program

Nolan Bishop

October 16, 2014

Illustration by Eddy Vazquez. Whitman College, in their efforts to establish a more substantial and competitive computer science program, recently solicited a significant contribution from the Microsoft Corporation to help develop a comprehensive course of study. Although the college had begun efforts to ex...

Multiplayer must be carefully considered to avoid making bad shooters

Multiplayer must be carefully considered to avoid making bad shooters

Blair Hanley Frank

November 8, 2012

Gaming markets are oversaturated with a glut of military shooters packing lousy multiplayer modes. Every time, the story is the same: new shooter, new multiplayer, mediocre reviews. But it keeps happening over and over again. The fiscal incentives for multiplayer are obvious: Developers can charge for new weapons and map packs, and a multiplayer mode gives players an incentive ...

Whitman must do more to offer pre-professional opportunities

Alex Brott

April 12, 2012

During a recent networking trip to New York City to meet Whitman alumni in finance, law, media and other highly professional careers, I was struck by a duality on the Whitman campus. On one hand, Whitties are fun, free-spirited, and––broadly––critical of American standards of material success....

Apple’s Strategy Holds Future for Operating Systems

Blair Hanley Frank

March 1, 2012

On February 16th, Apple announced Mountain Lion, the latest update to the Mac OS. It'll be released this summer, via the Mac App Store, for the paltry sum of $30. This may not seem all that significant, but on the heels of last year's release of OS X Lion in a similar fashion, I think it signals something...

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