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Vol. CLIV, Issue 8
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Expanding Parenting Expectations Can Guarantee Choices for Women and Partners

Julia Stone December 6, 2012
Caregiver and breadwinner are too often the frame of possible household roles, even in the language of many feminists. However, childrearing and raising should not be considered a solitary choice or responsibility; rather, childrearing must be taken on by a family, community and the state.

Burden of Trust Improves Campus Experience

Paul H-P November 15, 2012
On a campus where we too often misplace our faith in meaninglessness - at the expense of our community, education and well-being - we must seek to reclaim the burden of trust amongst our peers.
Limited Scope of Political Discourse Obscures Injustice

Limited Scope of Political Discourse Obscures Injustice

Julia Stone October 31, 2012
With the presidential election only a few weeks away, the country’s political discourse is as loud as ever. But, the scope of public political discourse has become so narrow that broader issues of social, economic and ethical importance are erased from the public conscience.

Diversity means cross-pollination, not crop rotation

Paul H-P October 18, 2012
We can all agree that diversity is valuable. But can we say why or what the word really means in the context of an intellectual community? The truth is, even our ideas about diversity are homogeneous.

Apple picker shortage highlights tension in immigration debates

Julia Stone October 4, 2012
Washington generates $1.5 billion annually from the production of apples, 10% of the state’s economy. Yet a critical part of this production, migrant laborers, are often overlooked.

Digital presence impacts ‘real’ world

Paul H-P September 20, 2012
Most of us would agree that we care about how we are perceived, and this extends to our internet personas. Yet despite this concern, we do not take our internet selves seriously enough.
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