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Senior sports profiles: David Michaels, Katie Tackman

Peter Clark

May 9, 2012

David Michaels "Training for me is ya know, getting up at 6 a.m., working out, lifting with our assistant coach, Coach Garnett. We get up [and] lift, I go to classes, come back, get up shots for 45 minutes or an hour. Then I meet back with him and get in an hour and a half of ball handling, shots off the dribble, post moves, various things. Depending on the day, either get up more sho...

Swimmers win big before Championships

Matt Tesmond

February 2, 2012

With Conference Championships a matter of days away, the Whitman Swimming Team faced its toughest challenge yet and came through in extraordinary fashion at the final meet before the year-end championship meet. "People have been swimming their best in practice, and we've just started our taper. We'll definitely be setting the stage for Conference," said women's team Captain Katie Tackman bef...

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