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Let’s talk about talking

Crystal and Chevy, Columnist

October 15, 2015

Let's talk about sex. More specifically, let's talk about talking during sex. Many of us have probably at some point or another reached that critical moment in sex when something needs to happen differently. That’s not to say the sex isn’t good, or whatever is happening in the moment is not pleasurable,...

Mix-‘n-Match Jokes

Mix-'n-Match Jokes

Melina Hughes

May 1, 2014

Set-ups: Knock Knock A Whittie walks into the green... So, I was on the bus with my mom... What do you call an undercover duck? What do you call a man with no arms and no legs reading Marx? What did the blind man say to the bartender? Wanna know a secret? So a first-year goes to Enco...

‘Hotel Transylvania’ Fails to Bring Laughs or Screams

'Hotel Transylvania' Fails to Bring Laughs or Screams

Nathan Fisher

October 31, 2012

With Halloween this week, I succumbed to my hankering for an old-fashioned monster movie. The local theater offered a plethora of bloody and gruesome movies, but since I am still recovering from the unexpected bloodbath in "Seven Psychopaths," I decided on the animated monster-filled "Hotel Transylvania." Admittedly, "Hotel Transylvania"...

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