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Jogging Into a New World

Adam Heymann
March 23, 2015
Filed under Excitement, Expansion, and Enlightenment in East Asia, Off-Campus Blogs

As I continue to strive to become the person I want to be I've come understand the importance in maintaining an intimate relationship with exercise. I love gyms and the endorphins that flood me after a productive date with my weights. But there's one thing I won't do at any regular gym facility: run....

Ode to That Girl Who Jogs Past My House Every Day (A Sonnet)

Rosemary Hanson
November 21, 2013
Filed under Humor

Rosy-fingered dawn is not yet up And paper-ridden, I am not yet down Yet ‘ere the Starbucks sells its opening cup You are awake and jogging through the town   Each day in hot-pink track pants you endure As winter gods are practicing their might If Sisyphus were still alive,...

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