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Spring Transfers Ready for Round Two

Photo by Allie Felt

Drew Edmonds

February 6, 2014

All first-year students leave something behind when they come to Whitman College–– home, friends, routines––but students transferring from other colleges mid-year get to say those goodbyes twice. Restarting the college experience completely can be painful, but most students who transfer here in...

Admission Accepts Fewer Transfer Students This Spring

Anna Zheng

February 6, 2014

This spring, Whitman welcomed one first-time student and six transfers, a decrease from the 12 students admitted at the start of last spring. Though the number of admitted students in the spring may vary wildly from year to year, admission officers say that the criteria for admission remain the same. "Most...

Jan-starts overcome awkward transition, find community

Credit: Allie Felt

Kinsey White

February 2, 2012

For first-year Whitman students starting their college experience in January, the transition, although difficult, is overwhelmingly fulfilling according to a variety of Jan-starts. The class of 2015 grew by 17 students  at the beginning of second semester with the introduction of Jan-starts into...

Gap semester travelers bring fresh perspective to campus

Molly Emmett

February 2, 2012

For many first-year students, last semester was highlighted by discussions about Odysseus and IM football, but a handful of first-years spent it traveling to exotic destinations and learning in alternative ways. When some students are admitted to Whitman, they are offered admission for the spring se...

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