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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Observing Ramadan at Whitman

Observing Ramadan at Whitman

Isabel Mathy, Campus Life Reporter April 4, 2024

Across the world almost two billion people will practice Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, with many members of the Whitman community joining in observation. Since Ramadan began on March 9, a faithful...

A closer look at Ramadan at Whitman

Nazaaha Penick, News Reporter April 13, 2023

During the holy month of Ramadan, many students and faculty from Whitman’s Muslim community spend the month reconnecting with God. Ramadan is a month-long period of fasting, prayer and reflection, and...

Illustration by Alicia Buchter.

Whitman discusses dispute over academic freedom at Hamline University

Katherine Ellis, News Reporter February 23, 2023

On Feb. 14, Whitman’s Academic Freedom and Due Process Committee hosted a campus-wide conversation inviting students and faculty to discuss the recent controversy at Hamline University.  The incident...

Illustration by Claire Revere

Hasina’s Female Leadership

Rina Cakrani, Columnist October 4, 2017

Unlike the usual Western narrative that is presented in the media, there have been and there are today women leaders in what can be called Muslim-majority countries. Yes, of course women are oppressed...

Trump Manipulates Evangelicals

Sean Hannah, Columnist April 21, 2016
Evangelical Christianity emphasizes love and a mission to spread the word of God, so it is blatantly ironic that Trump’s supporters are so ready to accept his proposed laws that limit Mexican and Muslim Immigration.
Photo by Tywen Kelly.

Vigil Held In Honor of Those Killed by Terrorism

Georgia Lyon December 3, 2015
A vigil on Nov. 16 was held to honor those killed in Beirut and Paris in the week prior.
Illustration by Cooper-Ellis

Lack of religious presence on campus complicates celebration

Audrey Kelly October 16, 2014

Illustration by Sophie Cooper-Ellis. It's the people, not the perks, that are important to Whitman students when it comes to religious holidays. Celebrating with the people they know is what is important...

Recent violence prompts question of which lives matter

November 29, 2012
In light of the recent bout of violence between Israeli and Palestinian forces, we must consider which lives are 'mournable', and acknowledge the universality of human vulnerability.
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