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A Different Kind of Internship

Tristan Gavin

August 29, 2013

When I told my friends what my summer plan was, many of them expressed to me how challenging it sounded. This came from friends doing chemistry and biology research I could not even begin to describe to you and friends with highly competitive internships in the business field. The job I told them about...

Summer Movie Preview

Illustration by Luke Hampton

Nathan Fisher

May 2, 2013

Sun's out, shorts on, jacket ditched, finals looming and summer vacation with lots of time for movies is just around the corner. New releases coming out this summer thankfully seem interesting and filled with huge explosions and a few laughs. Here's a brief list of the movies that have caught my eye to ...

Whitman interns discover value, growth in vocational experiences

Susanna Bowers

December 8, 2011

Lately there has been debate over the value of internships: are they really excellent practice for the "Real World," or are they simply glorified coffee-making lessons? Whitman students report that, for the most part, their internships have been valuable and have helped further their career goals. Each...

Virtual Career and Internship Fair hopes for success

Photo Credit : Fennell

Robert Crenshaw

February 11, 2010

Photo Credit : Fennell As February approaches every year, Whitman students can usually be found printing out copies of resumes, practicing interview skills in the mirror and even selecting a not-too-wrinkled outfit to impress representatives at the college's annual Career and Internship Fair. This year, though, students have one less reason to obsess about these job hunting rituals: the fair h...

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