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Whitman rakes in fellowship awards, grants

Mike Sado

April 9, 2009

Aisha Fukushima has travelled far throughout her four years as a student at Whitman, but as a recipient of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, she'll be travelling even farther; to six countries, in fact.   With her $28,000 grant, Fukushima will travel abroad for a year of study to countries such ...

Obama has a Latin American obligation

Becquer Medak-Seguin

March 5, 2009

Jesús Vásquez forlornly wrote last week that "all we (the U.S.) have is the audacity of hope that freedom will survive in Venezuela." This contentious statement, like the rest of his article, falsely assumes two things: that the U.S. has little, if anything, to do with Hugo Chávez' rise...

‘On the future of the Bolivarian Revolution’

Credit: Varonin

Jesus Vasquez

February 26, 2009

Recently, 11 out of 17 million eligible voters flocked to the polls in Venezuela, in what international observers have called 'free and fair' elections. The vote that occurred most recently was a great victory for Hugo Chavez, as his referendum to lift limits on presidential terms passed with ea...

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