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President Biden, just pick up your damn pen

Scout Hutchinson, Columnist April 29, 2021

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have now been in office for 100 days. Like many before them, the first 100 days can set a precedent for the next four years. It is our first glimpse...

Immigration Policy Should Reflect the Best of Our Aspirations as a Nation

Immigration Policy Should Reflect the Best of Our Aspirations as a Nation

Daniel Merritt February 7, 2013

Immigration reform is a question of American identity. It is a question of race and it is a question of class, it is a reflection of what we want to look like as a nation and what values we want to embrace...

Four More for Obama, Historic Ballot Measures Passed

Emily Lin-Jones November 8, 2012

Cheers (and groans) resounded across campus Tuesday night as general election results poured in from across the nation, confirming Barack Obama's reelection as president of the United States. President...

Limited Scope of Political Discourse Obscures Injustice

Limited Scope of Political Discourse Obscures Injustice

Julia Stone October 31, 2012

With the presidential election only a few weeks away, the country's political discourse is as loud as ever. Yet I remain increasingly frustrated by the limited scope of analysis and restrained understanding...

Apple picker shortage highlights tension in immigration debates

Julia Stone October 4, 2012

The apple is the quintessential American fruit. A symbol in and of itself, it conjures up images of Johnny Appleseed, American pies, fall harvest fairs, a red schoolhouse and hardworking farmers. These...

Whitman students react to Obama immigration announcement

Rachel Alexander June 16, 2012

President Obama announced on Friday, June 15 that his administration would stop deporting undocumented students in the U.S. who meet certain requirements. The policy change applies to undocumented...

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