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ASWC Passes Internal Carbon Tax

North Bennett, News Writer February 25, 2016
ASWC has passed an internal carbon tax to increase student awareness about the environmental costs of travel.
East China Normal University

Thick Skin

Rachel Palfini April 26, 2014

Mandarin is the first oral language I have studied. In high school, I took four years of Latin, but we rarely read aloud, as Latin is a dead language and impossibly difficult to converse in (Latin grammar...

What Type Of Green Fits Your Personality?

Elena Aragon April 1, 2014

1. What show would you most like to watch? a. a National Geographic documentary b. "Cake Boss" c. "Frasier" d. "All in the Family"   2. What's your dream vacation in the United States? a....

Sustainability Coordinator Position Approved

Dylan Tull February 21, 2013

After long months of student and ASWC advocacy, Whitman College has voted to install a permanent staff position that would coordinate and oversee all green and sustainable efforts on campus. The Board...

Sustainable Walla Walla Makes Plans for Earth Day, Future Collaborations

Emily Lin-Jones February 7, 2013

Students, city council members and representatives from around the community gathered for a meeting of local working group Sustainable Walla Walla in the Walla Walla Public School District board room Tuesday...

Image Wrong Focus For Sustainability Staff Position

Image Wrong Focus For Sustainability Staff Position

Danielle Broida November 15, 2012

An unquestioned buzz has permeated the green community at Whitman over ASWC's recent initiative for a staff position to bottom-line environmental campaigns, internships and long-term "green goals" on...

Credit: Faith Bernstein

Green Fun Run encourages eliminating waste

amyhasson April 26, 2012

Whitman's Green Leaders, a group of students on a quest to decrease the Whitman community's carbon footprint, hosted an environmentally-friendly fun run on Saturday, April 21 in honor of Earth Day. In...

Walla Walla to discontinue glass recycling

Emily Lin-Jones March 11, 2012

Should Walla Walla do away with glass recycling? This was the question presented to attendees of a Sustainability Committee meeting on Tues., March 6 at the Walla Walla City Hall. The committee accepted...

Illustration: Julie Peterson

Greeks Going Green introduced to promote environmental sustainability

Dylan Tull October 13, 2011

After a long night at the fraternities on any given weekend, the amount of waste left behind from the parties is astounding. Glass bottles are strewn about the sidewalk and red plastic cups fill trashcans...

Baseball hosts green game

Tyler Hurlburt April 27, 2011

The Whitman baseball team looks to get involved in the sustainability movement by hosting a "Green Game" on Saturday, April 30. The Green Game will take place during the baseball team's final weekend...

Controversy over carbon offsets misguided

Lisa Curtis October 28, 2009

When I told a professor that I'm working on a project to install energy efficient compact florescent light bulbs (CFL) in low-income areas in Walla Walla, he became excited. Then I told him that I'm writing...

Scholarships make D.C. trip possible for Campus Climate Challenge

Shannon Buckham March 5, 2009

This past weekend, Washington, D.C. was a hot spot for student activists seeking ways that they could positively influence the environment. Members of Whitman's Campus Climate Challenge (CCC) accounted...

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