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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Photo by Shintaro Kamura.

Whitman student prepares solo art exhibition

Tenzin Uden, Campus Life Reporter April 6, 2023

Sophomore and film major Agustin (Ramí) Ramirez will be holding an art exhibition in the Fouts Center for Visual Arts on April 14. This project, titled "You're not going to believe me," originated from...

Photos by Dana Kendrick

Seniors cope with finishing final requirements virtually

Rosa Woolsey, News Reporter May 13, 2020

As the Class of 2020 reconciles with their last few weeks at Whitman, they are also finishing their final assessments under completely unexpected circumstances. Social distancing and online distance-learning...

Jesus Chaparro 13.  Photos by Devika Doowa.

Student Entrepreneurs Blend Art and Business to Create New Apparel Line

Mallory Martin February 14, 2013
He’s an art and economics double major and the executive secretary for Phi Delta Theta, but somehow he still found time to start his own business. Sophomore Jesus Chaparro reminds us just how creative and driven Whitties can be with his new Whitman-based business: Cryptid Apparel.

Senior art majors reveal thesis projects with metropolitan inspiration

Clara Bartlett April 19, 2012
For Whitman's visual art majors, a thesis is not made of paragraphs and footnotes, but of charcoal and pigment. The "Visual Art Majors Senior Thesis Exhibition" opens tomorrow, April 20 in Sheehan Gallery. This opening is the culmination of months of creativity and long hours spent working in Fouts Center for Visual Arts, where each senior visual art major has a studio.
Illustration: Emily Johnson

Where did David go?

Mallory Martin October 6, 2011
A&E reporter Mallory Martin unearths the truth behind the disappearance of the infamous Michelangelo replica from the wall of the Fouts Center for Visual Arts.
Installation by Jea Alford.  Photo Credit: Julia Bowman

Fouts joins Sheehan to accommodate record number of studio art thesis participants

McCaulay Singer-Milnes April 21, 2011
Due to an increased number of senior theses this year, both the Sheehan Gallery and the Fouts Center for Visual Arts will house the student projects. The displays will open on Friday, April 22 and close on Sunday, May 21.
Shannon Flood 11 works on her tea pot tops for advanced independent study ceramics. Credit: Kendra Klag

Art building availability

McCaulay Singer-Milnes March 3, 2011

Studio art at Whitman is both a hobby and an academic discipline, a fact that makes use of the art building and its studios a controversial issue, as some students feel they should have access to said...

Winter student art salon provides opportunity for non-majors

merrettkrahn November 17, 2009
Not only do non-studio art majors get the chance to show their work, but the winter salon show also features contributions from the Walla Walla community.
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