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KWCW Show of the Week: George Clooney’s Secret Playlist

Megan Hearst

April 28, 2016

It all began with a simple question: what music does George Clooney listen to?

‘First Aid Kit’ delicately probes wounds of the soul


March 13, 2012

As March winds chill your bones and roil the skies in a haze of gray, revel in the melancholy for a moment and tune your ears to the sweet sorrow of Swedish folk-pop act First Aid Kit. Consisting of sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg, the duo is making inroads in the States and garnering critica...

Which Bear blends diverse instruments, crafts exotic ‘gypsy jazz’ flavor

Credit: Allie Felt

Alex Hagen

February 16, 2012

Which Bear, a baroque folk band comprised of eight Whitman students, burst onto the local music scene on Friday, Feb. 3 with a buzzed-about Coffeehouse show in the Reid basement. The band, previously known as The Futures Traders, formed late last year and is led by junior Bo Sagal and senior Mark Gla...

Dr. House has the Blues

Illustration: Alex Bailey

Mallory Martin

September 22, 2011

Hugh Laurie has taken it upon himself to prove that he really can do anything. Although he started his career as a bumbling twit on British television and published a decent novel  back in 1996, Laurie has more recently been garnering acclaim for the title role in his American drama, "House M.D." He once again tests th...

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