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Sea Monsters

Sea Monsters

Jessica Parker
February 21, 2015
Filed under Darwin's Finches

A recent study has shown that the mean body mass of marine mammals has increased by 150 times since the Cambrian period (542 million years ago). These findings are consistent with Cope's rule, which "proposes that animal lineages evolve towards larger body size over time." According to the journal...

Synthetic Biology will bring both exciting changes and compelling responsibilites for human race

Alfredo Villaseñor
September 15, 2011
Filed under OPINION

How would you design nature? : It's a question almost too grand for any one of us to answer adequately. But know that designing nature is something we humans have been working up to ever since we began to throw down our spears to take up the sedentary life of the sickle, hoe and cattle prod. Through...

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