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Taking on Trumpism

Alex Brockman and Olivia Gilbert

February 16, 2017

In the weeks since the inauguration of President Trump, a lot has happened. With so much change, grappling with the events unfolding under the Trump administration is challenging. From the disciplines of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, three professors use their expertise to explore th...

Vivisection questions taboos

Illustration by Coopper-Ellis

Anuradha Lingappa

October 23, 2014

A few weeks ago, I did an experiment in biology lab that involved cutting open the body cavity of a live frog and dripping adrenaline onto its still-beating heart. The results, a dramatically increased heartbeat, were incredible to watch firsthand. However, dissecting a living animal instead of a dead o...

Preacher-turned-atheist Dan Barker raises questions of religion, ethics

Credit: Cade Beck

Alex Hagen

November 17, 2011

On Saturday, Nov. 12, outspoken atheist Dan Barker gave an extensive, thought-provoking presentation on religion and ethics in contemporary America. Barker, who worked as an evangelical preacher for 19 years before leaving the clergy to join the Freedom From Religion Foundation, spoke about his personal experiences and beliefs before taking questions from the audience. The auth...

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