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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Photo by Anna Dawson

KWCW Show of the Week: MTC Late Night Radio

Allison Hall, Staff Writer February 25, 2016
Sophomores Tristan Cates, Matt Hill and Courtland Osborn are three best friends whose radio show has a special twist: they all produce their own electronic music. The show airs from 12-2 A.M. on Monday nights.
Bowies experimental gems lie Low

Bowie’s experimental gems lie ‘Low’

caitlinhardee February 16, 2012
In 1976, rock legend David Bowie moved to West Berlin, ostensibly to clean up, stop using cocaine and get his life back in order. By 1977 he had released 'Low,' the first of the so-called 'Berlin Trilogy' and an often-overlooked treasure in Bowie's decades-long parade of better-known hits.
Illustration: Eddy Vazquez

Kalkbrenner delivers euphoric electro experience

caitlinhardee October 27, 2011
Paul Kalkbrenner's video album 'Paul Kalkbrenner 2010—A Live Documentary' offers two hours of rapturous live footage from the Berlin electronic DJ's 2010 tour.
Illustration: Julie Peterson

Do you wub dubstep?

Clara Bartlett October 6, 2011
Whitman students and community members sound off on dubstep, the latest phenomenon sweeping the U.S. electronic music scene.
Credit: Eduardo Vazquez

Dean de Benedictis embarks on mountainous musical odyssey

caitlinhardee September 8, 2011
Dean de Benedictis is known for pioneering a form of a cappella ambient music that he refers to as Acambient. He is head of the electronic music label Fateless Records. His latest project—to record his music on the summits of the Cascades.
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