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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Who Does the Educating Here?

Aya Mahmoudi, Opinion Columnist February 22, 2024

For over half of this school year, Whitman College has committed a series of questionable political actions that have disenchanted our community and lifted the veil on our administration’s incompetence. If...

Are gap years helpful?

Tasha Hall, Campus Life Reporter May 4, 2023

When you move from high school to college, and then maybe from college to graduate school, you may wonder whether you should take a break from academics. Some people worry this break will cause one...

Illustration by Alicia Buchter.

Whitman discusses dispute over academic freedom at Hamline University

Katherine Ellis, News Reporter February 23, 2023

On Feb. 14, Whitman’s Academic Freedom and Due Process Committee hosted a campus-wide conversation inviting students and faculty to discuss the recent controversy at Hamline University.  The incident...

The Master’s Tools: Overcoming the awkward in-between of theory and practice

Lee Thomas, Humor Writer May 12, 2022

As I near my senior year and the unnerving inevitability of graduating from college, I reflect on what I've been learning, thinking and doing in preparation for my life post-Whitman. As the college’s...

OP-ED: Bringing consent into the classroom: The future of sexual violence prevention at Whitman

Hannah Rudman, Senior May 5, 2022

All interviews in this piece are from anonymous Whitman students. Content Warning: This piece discusses sexual assault. Sexual violence and its prevention are a frequent topic of discussion among...

Let’s talk about Whitman’s treatment of sexual assault

Hailey Livingston, Columnist September 23, 2021

Unless you’re brand new or really out of the loop, you are probably aware that Whitman has gotten rid of Green Dot. As a quick refresh, Green Dot is a bystander training program that aims to educate...

The value of accessible language

Camilla Tarpey-Schwed, Columnist May 6, 2021

I may not be the only one who feels a burst of energy when I decipher difficult readings for my classes and communicate abstract and theoretical concepts through complex language. This is because the college...

Dr. Kim Smith presents on education for sustainable development

Rylee Neville, News Reporter November 7, 2019

Last Tuesday, Oct. 29, Whitman alumnus Dr. Kim Smith presented her talk, titled "Education For Sustainable Development: The Future Depends On Us," to students, faculty and community members.   Smith...

This article is not accessible

Dana Walden, Opinion Editor November 1, 2019

This article is not accessible. Sure, it is published in The Wire, but who reads The Wire? Well, you, and those connected to the Whitman community. And, sure, it will also be published online, but who...

Global Studies Initiative Revamp Receives Faculty Approval

Nick Maahs, News Reporter March 6, 2018

The Global Studies Initiative has been revamped and approved by the faculty to resume operation after parts were placed on hold for external review during the 2016-2017 academic year. Starting in the fall,...

Changing Higher Education

Changing Higher Education

Jack Fleming, Columnist October 6, 2017

Ignore Betsy DeVos. Instituting school choice, the school voucher system, and allowing fraudulent for-profit colleges to thrive simply would not increase the quality and accessibility of education. As...

Education as Emancipation

Nikolaus Kennelly, Columnist September 19, 2017

Shiny red delicious apples, a grainy photograph of Einstein overlaid with multicolored Comic Sans, plastic school desks with fiberboard tops, fluorescent lighting embedded in the ceiling, a chalkboard...

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