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Say Hello to the Spring 2014 Pioneer Editorial Board!

Say Hello to the Spring 2014 Pioneer Editorial Board!

Shelly Le

January 25, 2014

Another semester gone and another looms ahead. I am halfway through my tenure as editor-in-chief and I'm feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness. This is our chance to reflect on the mistakes that we made last semester and improve on our decisions this semester. I hope to let a few things go...

Four Day Relaxation, Fro-yo Excursion

Four Day Relaxation, Fro-yo Excursion

Shelly Le

October 14, 2013

I can't speak for the entire staff, but fall break (lovingly termed at Whitman as four-day) has undoubtedly been a much needed breath of relaxation. In the hectic weekly production cycle we have at The Pio it can be hard for people outside of the staff to remember that we're students and also hold a j...

Making headlines behind the scenes, not in front of cameras

Alex Hagen

October 11, 2012

As the Pio's Arts & Entertainment section editor, I feel personally responsible for educating our faithful readers about cultural events on and beyond Whitman's campus. As misguided as this sense of responsibility may be, I nonetheless feel the weight of the art world on my shoulders. So, what art...

Endless hunt for story ideas

Pamela London

September 26, 2012

Every Thursday, you pick up the latest copy of The Pioneer and-in a perfect world-read it cover to cover. You carefully scan each article and linger over every mesmerizing photo. You intermittently find yourself ROTFLOL-ing when you think about one of the jokes on the back page. Yet you wonder: how on e...

Anatomy of a news story: Sexual assault on campus

Rachel Alexander

March 15, 2012

If you've read my recent story on sexual assault reporting on the Whitman campus, you might be wondering what goes into writing an article like this. The short answer is: a lot of work. Here's a peek behind the curtain of the Pio's investigative reporting team. First, the story idea. This article wa...

Presenting the spring 2012 Pio editors!

Presenting the spring 2012 Pio editors!

Sara Rasmussen

January 31, 2012

Back row, from left to right: Senior Reporter Rachel Alexander '13, Humor Editor Cari Cortez '13, Web Editor Sara Rasmussen '12, Feature Editor Kelsey Kennedy '12, A&E Editor Caitlin Hardee '12, Illustration Editor Binta Loos-Diallo '12, Managing Editor Cara Lowry '12, Web Content Editor Josh Goodman '12, Editor-in-Chief Patricia Vanderbilt '12, Sports Editor Libby A...

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