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Rosemary Hanson

April 24, 2014

@Downtonhaveme137 Looking for: Small estate in the country, quaint but not shabby. Decent staff, French cook a must. Gender: "Gentry," dear. Landed. Title: Duchess. Income: One does not discuss money. It is frightfully vulgar. Occupation: One does not "do," but has done f...

Fierce Competition Predicted for Oscars

Fierce Competition Predicted for Oscars

Nathan Fisher

February 27, 2014

Move aside "Downton Abbey" and "Good Wife," because the Oscars are on Sunday, March 2. That's right, the golden phallus, the Academy Award of Merit, dubbed the Oscars, will be awarded to the top dogs in the film industry. This year's competition was fierce, and it showcased a plethora of standout movies....

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