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Photo courtesy of Friends of Danielle Garbe Reser.

Danielle Garbe Reser and Democrats’ project to turn Walla Walla blue

Sean Gannon, News Editor April 22, 2021

It’s been 15 years since a Democrat represented Walla Walla’s legislative district in the state legislature. Danielle Garbe Reser, a moderate Democrat with a hefty resume, represented a rare shot for...

Democratic candidates should act like your cool government teacher

Scout Hutchinson, Columnist September 17, 2020

Election night 2016, I found myself confused and bewildered while my dog slept soundly beside me (oblivious to what was going on... Oh to be a dog!), hoping for the delegate numbers to magically change....

OP-ED: Why the left lost, a post-mortem

Andy Burnstein, Senior April 14, 2020

When Bernie Sanders lost Super Tuesday and subsequent primaries by an embarrassing margin to Joe Biden, and again when he dropped out this past Wednesday, many of his supporters were not just angry, but...

Immigration hopes rest with Democratic party resurgence

Jose Coronado November 13, 2014

The results of the midterm elections are out and there is some bad news for the Democratic Party and President Obama. The Republicans now control both the Senate and the House of Representatives. For Latinos,...

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