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Debate team suspended for alcohol violations, allegations of misconduct

Lane Barton

April 16, 2015

Emily Lin-Jones and Andy Monserud contributed reporting. *Names have been changed at the request of sources. On April 9, the Whitman Debate team was suspended for a minimum of two years after an investigation by administration revealed violation of team and school policies. The investigation pri...

Whitman Debate Team suspended for minimum 2 years

Aleida Fernandez

April 9, 2015

**The investigation into the suspension of the Whitman Debate Team is ongoing. The Pioneer will report more information as it becomes available. Following the recent cancellation of the Policy Debate Team season, President George Bridges wrote in an email today that the college would be suspending all D...

Debate Team Collaborates with Penitentiary for First Ever Debate

Debate Team Collaborates with Penitentiary for First Ever Debate

Sam Grainger-Shuba

December 12, 2013

After removing all pieces of metal, storing keys, cell phones and wallets in lockers, Whitman College staff, faculty and students filed into the Washington State Penitentiary. At an automatic metal door, driver's licenses were traded for prison ID badges that allowed access to a sparsely furnished recreation room, the ...

Debate Team Moves Forward Amidst Disagreements About Supervision and Policy

Shelly Le

May 20, 2013

This article was written by Shelly Le, Rachel Alexander and Karah Kemmerly. Emily Lin-Jones and Blair Hanley Frank contributed additional reporting. This article is the third in a three-part series about Whitman's debate team. Part one examines the debate team's culture, including accusations mad...

Whitman debate team moves toward gender equality, women debaters face challenges

Illustration by Bailey

Rose Woodbury

November 17, 2011

In the debate community, it's not uncommon to hear derogatory terms used to describe female debaters who come across as overly aggressive. The unequal gender ratio within the activity seems to stem partly from its history as an activity practiced largely by white males and also from general sexism in...

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