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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
Whitman news since 1896

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Duo Authentication Responsible for Existential Spiral

Grace Canny, not existential dread, not existential hope, but a secret third thing March 7, 2024

It’s just an average Tuesday in Welty Health Center, two patients with strep throat, one with norovirus, three-and-a-half with infected septum piercings and 25 students stuck in an existential spiral...

DUO Two-Factor Authentication Rolled Out At Whitman

Sebastian Vera Cuevas, News Reporter November 2, 2023

After phasing in DUO, a two-factor authentication security software, for faculty last year, Whitman College extended the software to students this fall. Duo’s self-described mission statement centers...

Photo by Caroline Ashford Arya

WCTS Responds to Spectre/Meltdown Cybersecurity Threat

Nick Maahs, Staff Reporter January 22, 2018

Shortly after the arrival of the new year, reports of a new computer security threat known as Spectre/Meltdown began to circulate ominously in the internet news sphere. The threat targets a vulnerability...

Security risks make web voting impossible

Blair Hanley Frank October 25, 2012
While paper ballots may seem like a clunky option in this modern age, in many ways, they provide levels of security that electronic voting just can't match.
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