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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Spring Arrives in Walla Walla

Spring Arrives in Walla Walla

Nat Lange, Science & Enviroment Editor April 4, 2024

The calendar has turned to April, which means spring has arrived in Walla Walla. When I step out of my house to head to class, I’m greeted by grape hyacinth dotted through my neighbor’s lawn. Yellow...

Illustration by Edyn Parsell

Reimagining Human Rights: How Children are Fighting for Climate Action

Anna Wellborn, Science and Environment Writer February 8, 2024

In recent years, multiple cases of legal action against governments for violating human rights have arisen in response to climate change. Human rights — and in United States courts, constitutional...

Illustration by Kai Bowen

Expansion Coming Soon to a Pipeline Near You

Kaitlyn Salazar, Science & Environment Writer November 16, 2023

As freezing fog makes its yearly return to Walla Walla, many of us find ourselves cranking up the thermostat to stave off the frigid temperatures outside. Unfortunately, heating a house can heat the...

Photo by Shintaro Kamura.

Harper Joy Theatre presents “The Climate Change Project”

Tenzin Uden, Campus Life Reporter April 13, 2023

On Thursday, April 6, the Whitman College Theatre and Dance department debuted its latest show, "The Climate Change Project." Through the rehearsal process, the actors, alongside guest director Annaliese...

Washington’s climate warriors: Q&A with Fraser Moore and Elio Van Gorden

Zac Bentz and Abby Malzewski April 6, 2023

Washington Governor Jay Inslee visited Whitman College campus on March 14. Select Whitman students got the opportunity to interview the governor live on campus radio station KWCW. Interim ASWC President...

Photo courtesy of Whitman College Office of Communications.

Governor Inslee visits Walla Walla and unites community around climate action

Zac Bentz, Publisher April 6, 2023

Amid a statewide housing crisis and the impending threat of global climate collapse, Washington Governor Jay Inslee visited Walla Walla on Tuesday, March 14 to speak with the community and address issues...

Illustration by Kai Bowen.

When climate anxiety hits the big screen

Bex Heimbrock, Opinion Editor March 2, 2023

HBO's record-breaking adaptation of Naughty Dog and PlayStation’s game “The Last of Us” begins with a simple question designed to strike at the heart of a generation marked by climate anxiety and...

ASWC introduces Climate Action Resolution

Natalie Comerford, News Reporter February 23, 2023

On Feb. 5, the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) Senate passed a resolution to formally state the students’ position that climate action should be one of Whitman’s strategic priorities....

Reflecting on unusually high fall temperatures in Walla Walla

Reflecting on unusually high fall temperatures in Walla Walla

Paul Florence, News Reporter October 27, 2022

Over the past few summers, Walla Walla has experienced summer temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat waves across the Pacific Northwest can be attributed to recent trends in climate change,...

Hurricane Ian damages homes and the environment

Nazaaha Penick, News Reporter October 20, 2022

The U.S. was having a fairly normal hurricane season until Hurricane Ian made landfall in western Cuba on Sept. 26.  Recorded as a Category 3, the hurricane caused strong winds and deadly storm surges...

Illustration by M Hu.

Riding the wave of climate emotion

Keathley Pinney Brown, Feature Writer September 29, 2022

It’s rare that I go a day without thinking about climate change. Sometimes, my thoughts circle around facts, statistics and the latest news. But more often, my mind returns to feelings so convoluted...

Climate extremes cover the West Coast: from Walla Walla to California

Lily Yost, News Editor September 15, 2022

A new study published in Science Advances has been released predicting a massive California Megastorm in the near future. Pounding rain and massive floods could fracture one of the largest economies...

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