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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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The Dangers of White Feminism

Rina Cakrani, Columnist April 6, 2017

I consider myself a feminist but I often find that the feminist movement is heading in a problematic direction nowadays. Modern feminism is often not intersectional; it leaves out many of the women’s...

FACE hosts the 5th annual Breaking Ground Monologues

Afton Weaver, Staff Reporter March 9, 2017

The fifth annual Breaking Ground Monologues, held in Kimball Theatre from March 3 through 5, grappled with a multitude of thought-provoking and emotional topics, leaving a powerful impression on all who...

Nobody in politics class sure how to pronounce “hegemony”

Jeffrey Gustaveson, staff writer October 5, 2016

EVERYWHERE IN MAXEY --  Releasing one enormous, resigned sigh as class discussion turned to the concept of hegemony, members of POL-130 collectively buckled-up for what was sure to be 40 grueling minutes...

Whitman Welcomes the Awesomely Cool Class of 2020!

Austin Biehl, staff writer April 1, 2016

In the class of 2020, Whitman has once again attracted a homogenous group of down-to-earth, unpretentious, fun-loving, granola-chewing, Birkenstock-wearing, apathetic, White kids. Throughout high school,...

Climate Changes Intersectionality

Climate Change’s Intersectionality

Alya Bohr, Columnist February 11, 2016
At the end of the day, the sad truth remains that climate change – though universal and all-encompassing – doesn’t affect us all universally.
Olive prepares for holidays with cooking classes

Olive prepares for holidays with cooking classes

Daniel Kim November 20, 2014

November means many holidays are just around the corner, but it also means another year for Olive Marketplace and Cafe's annual Open Kitchen: Holiday Cooking Series. The series includes five classes,...

”˜Yuppie Liberalism’ Represents Untenable Politics

Andy Monserud May 8, 2014
I’d like to preface this column with a warning to Whitman’s rarest minority, conservatives. You probably have no interest in what I’m about to say, and, frankly, it’s not catered to you. There, you’re free to go back to preparing for finals without wasting your time on my column. My problem this week is with the liberals of Whitman.
Invisible Category: First-Generation Students at Whitman Face Unique Challenges

Invisible Category: First-Generation Students at Whitman Face Unique Challenges

Shelly Le May 1, 2014
Unlike other signifiers of identity, "first generation" comes attached to a diverse spectrum of backgrounds. Many who identify as first generation struggle at college with family finances, varying levels of cultural capital and feelings of isolation. However, not all do, and the phrase “first generation and working class” isn’t necessarily all-encompassing.

Board of Trustees Meets to Address Diversity, Divestment

Sam Grainger-Shuba February 13, 2014
The Board of Trustees met on Thursday and Friday, Feb. 6 and 7, to discuss student concerns of diversity and divestment. Student representatives to the Board of Trustees' Student Life Committee presented students' thoughts on issues including race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.
Is Justin Bieber Immune to the Pains of Deportation?

Is Justin Bieber Immune to the Pains of Deportation?

Alisha Agard February 6, 2014
For many immigrants in the United States, these incidents would have immediately resulted in detainment and deportation without access to the due process Bieber has been given. He has not been deported because he has not been convicted of his "alleged" crimes yet, but many of the immigrants who have been deported for low-level crimes were never able to defend themselves. In the rare chance that the these individuals did get a chance to fight deportation, many did not have access to a high-quality attorney like Bieber has.

School Segregation Lives on in Class Difference

Andy Monserud November 7, 2013
On a recent trip to New Orleans with a few other Whitties, a concierge at a hotel made a joke that made me think. Exhausted from almost a full day of traveling, we had come to the hotel for the Associated College Press conference hosted there. Amused by our dazed appearances, the concierge laughed and said, “Y’all look like you’ve never seen a black person before.” We explained our fatigue, but over the course of the weekend, I realized that the man had a point. African Americans, especially from working-class backgrounds, are conspicuously absent at Whitman. Less than three percent of the class of 2017 are African American, and while first-generation college students are more common, they still only make up 10 percent of the class. This has a lot to do with geography, of course. From sheer historical background, Louisiana will probably always have more African Americans than Washington does. The African American population of the state of Washington is not much denser than that of Whitman, representing a little under four percent of the total population.
Voices of the Community: Issue 5

Voices of the Community: Issue 5

Tanner Bowersox October 8, 2013

If you could take a class in anything what would it be? Videographer Tanner Bowersox polls the community on what classes they would like to take if they could take a class in anything.

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