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Letter from the Editor: Circuit 11 Graduation Issue

Letter from the Editor: Circuit 11 Graduation Issue

Shelly Le

May 15, 2014

The morning I left for college is still a vivid memory to me. I woke up at 5 a.m. to catch my flight and hurriedly said goodbye to my mother, upset that she wasn't able to come to the airport to drop me off. Yet, despite how clear this memory is to me today, it's almost surreal how different I've...

Same article, Same Team, Different Ballgame

Tristan Gavin

February 9, 2013

Every spring, it seems, The Pioneer writes the same article about the baseball team. Year after year, the baseball preview promises improvement, and year after year the team finishes another season with the same disappointing results. As a newly hired Sports Editor, I was very aware of this trend, b...

Huge entering class strains college resources

Photo Courtesy of Whitman.edu

Hadley Jolley

September 16, 2010

Several incoming first-years nearly slept in a Jewett Hall lounge according to Associate Dean of Students Nancy Tavelli. As there weren't sufficient rooms, she had originally planned to accommodate students in the lounge; it was only after students cancelled their fall 2010 enrollment that Tavelli ...

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