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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Whitman Teaches the Movement and Wa-Hi collaborate for Black History Month virtual event

Tejashree Jadhav, Staff Reporter March 4, 2021

Whitman Teaches the Movement (WTTM) collaborated with Walla Walla High School (Wa-Hi) to facilitate conversations about Black history during the final week of Black History Month. On Wednesday, Feb. 24,...

Illustration by Kiara Paninos.

A country embroiled in protests: Whitman Belarusian students face crisis over undemocratic election back home

Lena Friedman, Staff Reporter November 12, 2020

Before returning to Walla Walla for the fall semester, Whitman senior Yana Miakshyla spent three days without internet access in her home country of Belarus, starting the eve of the country’s presidential...

Social activist groups host dessert, discussion

Andy Monserud November 20, 2014
Student organizations Whitman Teaches the Movement (WTTM) and Students for Education Reform (SFER) hosted a discussion of civil rights and social justice over ice cream on Wednesday afternoon. The event sought to foster conversations about social justice issues as well as to serve as a recruiting push for both groups.
Whitman Teaches the Movement Expands Civil Rights Education

Whitman Teaches the Movement Expands Civil Rights Education

Lorah Steichen November 21, 2013
In response to the failing grade Washington state received for its civil rights education standards, Whitman College created the program Whitman Teaches the Movement (WTTM) two years ago to supplement Walla Walla Public Schools' lack of civil rights education. Now entering its third year, WTTM is undergoing several changes that seek to expand and streamline the program.
Whitman Teaches the Movement

Whitman Teaches the Movement

Maegan Nelson November 29, 2012
Whitman Teaches the Movement, a community service project started last year, sends Whitman students into local Walla Walla public school classrooms to teach about civil rights. This year, students will be teaching between Jan. 22 and Feb. 2, and training for the program occurred this week.
Credit: Halley McCormick

Students win awards for civil rights education

Molly Johanson April 5, 2012
Seniors Shannon Morrissey, Libby Watkins and Alyssa Fairbanks, along with Assistant Dean for Student Engagement Noah Leavitt traveled to the Office of Civil Rights in Seattle on March 21 to give a presentation about their experiences teaching about the civil rights movement in Walla Walla Public Schools with the Whitman Teaches the Movement initiative. The three were also recognized with Civil Rights Education Hero Awards.
Credit: Marie von Hafften

Whitman students to ‘Teach the Movement’ in Walla Walla

Molly Johanson December 8, 2011
Whitman Teaches the Movement, is born out of a partnership with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Walla Walla Public School district in response to a study conducted by the center. Whitman students will teach civil rights subjects to students in local elementary, middle and high schools.

Time to make Internet access a legal right

Russ Caditz-Peck November 3, 2009
Increased reliance on the internet puts those without it at a severe disadvantage. It's time the government passed legislation for universal broadband.

Let’s talk class: are you what your parents gave you?

Gary Wang October 22, 2009

There are a lot of things you and I don't deserve: our height, our race and our class. Obviously, we didn't choose how tall we are or the combination of pigments in our skin. Less obviously, most of us...

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