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The Inimitable, Irreplaceable Professor Hashimoto

Quin Nelson

May 13, 2013

Leaning back in his swivel chair, hands clasped over his stomach, Associate Professor of English Irvin "Hash" Hashimoto sits calmly in an office that looks like it was torn apart by a natural disaster. This is because Hashimoto, 68, is retiring, and packing up all of the belongings he has accumulated...

Whitman Key Space for Challenging Viewpoints

Marcial Diaz '13. Photo by Skye Vander Laan.

May 13, 2013

This column was contributed by Marcial Díaz Mejía '13. My first year, I had a pro-Palestine picture on my wall. Someone in my section saw it and asked me why I had it up. I explained my position. Later, that same person told that I should probably remove it from my wall, as another section-mate could get offended. I refused, explaining that this was one of the re...

Whitman Alumni Find Environmentalist Views Evolving

Thorndike organized this project.

Sam Chapman

May 13, 2013

At Whitman, ideals are one thing you can always count on finding somewhere. There is no shortage of people who believe strongly in something––in the end of rape culture, the abolition of modern slavery, the inadvisability of GM crops––and assert that the only way to get it is to fight for it. This...

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