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eSports Reach Outside the Virtual World

eSports Reach Outside the Virtual World

Blair Hanley Frank

March 23, 2013

With their backs against a wall, the purple team sends one of their own with a last-second clutch play. The competitors take off their headsets and stand up from behind their computers. The crowd goes wild. Welcome to competitive video gaming, or eSports, as it is known to its enthusiasts. Week af...

So Ten Years Ago.

Troy Warwick '16 YOLO's it up in the silent room at Penrose Library. Blaring music, no pants...how much more could he be living?

Adam Brayton

March 22, 2013

That's So Ten Years Ago Remember "Survivor"? When Arnold Schwarzenegger became governator of California? Limp Bizkit? "Bad Boys II"? If you laughed or cringed at any of those, imagine what you'll be laughing at 10 years from today; imagine the things that were so cool and trendy today that will make y...

Behind the Scenes of the One Acts

Behind the Scenes of the One Acts

cade beck

March 20, 2013

Every year the Harper Joy Theatre produces the One Act Play Festival, a series of three single-act plays written by Whitman students. The plays are selected by a committee of theatre and literature experts, many of whom have been involved in the process for all 24 years of the contest's existence. The...

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