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Nathan Fisher

November 13, 2014

Illustration by Sophie Cooper-Ellis. I am a huge fan of movies that explore the final frontier: space. My voyages to unknown worlds in "Star Trek" and going to infinity and beyond in "2001: A Space Odyssey" (or maybe that was "Toy Story") left me chomping at the bit for Christopher Nolan's newest film, "Interstellar."" Nola...

Back to School, Back to Movies: Fall Movie Preview

Back to School, Back to Movies: Fall Movie Preview

Nathan Fisher

September 11, 2014

Illustration by Lya Hernandez. For the past three years at Whitman (I feel old), I have used my weekly trip to the movie theater to keep me sane. This semester, with my film thesis, oral exams and math written exams looming, the movie industry better offer some high-octane escapisms to keep me fr...

Entire Summer Movie Season Recap

Nathan Fisher

August 23, 2012

MMMMOOOVIES were my great escape from working a zillion hours at two minimum-wage jobs lifeguarding and scooping balls at the golf-driving rang. Thankfully, this summer was filled with great flicks. Here's my arbitrary grouping of movies that I saw this summer. Enjoy! Risqué (Shakin' your junk!):...

Board game-based movies reveal business side of art

Credit: Olivia Johnson

William Witwer

April 21, 2011

Remember that staple of childhood, the Magic 8-Ball whence all decisions flowed? Well, they're making a movie. Not a documentary -- (What the hell would that entail?) -- but a full-blown movie movie, rumored to come out summer 2012. I think the only valid response to this troubling news is, "Wait. What?" That's right folks, "Magic 8-Ball" could be the fam...

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