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Beginning of ‘The Weekend’ with Justin Wayne

Daniel Kim

September 18, 2014

Local radio station 107.7 The Vine will be celebrating the commencement of a new show, The Weekend With Justin Wayne, at their upcoming Kick-Off Party. The event will take place at the Gesa Power House Theatre on N. 6th Ave. on Friday, Sept. 19 and will be open to people ages 18 and up. For a p...

Sabbaticals Benefit Students, Faculty Alike

Sabbaticals Benefit Students, Faculty Alike

Helen Angell

March 13, 2014

While professors on sabbatical do not teach classes and usually do not advise students or serve on committees, a professor's sabbatical could never be described as "time off." The sabbatical program is an essential part of the Whitman College faculty's ongoing professional development and provides num...

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