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Global Studies Concert: Playing Music, Telling Stories

Photo by Madaline Stevens

March 3, 2016

For over a year now people from the Whitman community, Walla Walla community and the global community have been united in the effort to bring music from conflict zones both inside and outside the United States

Composers’ Concert Features Student Work

Composers' Concert Features Student Work

Skye Vander Laan

February 27, 2013

Whitman's Composers' Concert took place in Chism Hall on Friday, Feb. 22.  The concert showcased the work of five student composers: Aleks Maricq, Erik Feldman, Ethan Maier, Aaron Stern and Will Ekstrom. Videographer Skye Vander Laan brings us clips of the performance, as well as a look into...

Katherine Lee

Katherine Lee.  Photos by Faith Bernstein.

Mallory Martin

February 27, 2013

This week, The Pioneer sat down with violinist Katherine Lee. A junior English/music double major who hails from Honolulu, Hawaii, Lee spends most of her time adjusting to the cold, practicing her violin, learning piano and helping out Professor Sharon Alker as a Writing Fellow for the Encounters program. Lee's recital will be Saturday, March 2 at 7:30 p.m. in Chism Auditorium. ...

Nakatani drums Chism Hall into delighted fervor

Mallory Martin

October 27, 2011

Contemporary improv drummer Tatsuya Nakatani has traveled the world performing his unique style of percussion. On Monday, Oct. 17, he visited Whitman's Chism Auditorium to play for a small crowd. Over the years, Nakatani has created a musical technique all his own. Using his own design of specially...

New student music premieres at Composer’s Concert

Taneeka Hansen

February 24, 2011

On Friday, Feb. 25, Chism Recital Hall will premiere musical pieces by six by student composers. While most of the composers are currently enrolled at Whitman, two of the students attend Walla Walla University and one is a recent Whitman graduate. All of the composers share the experience of individual...

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