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Students find freedom through cars

Emily Williams

April 4, 2013

Senior Shannon McCarty is very accustomed to the 274 mile trek from Walla Walla to Seattle. She has been driving to and from school since the second semester of her sophomore year, filling her big SUV with other Seattle bound friends, some extra gas money and a lot of luggage. McCarty decided to bring...

Car Spotlights: Steven Klutho ”˜13 and Zack Strater ”˜14

Steven Klutho ‘13 and his ‘74-ish Volkswagen Beetle.  Photos by Faith Bernstein.

Adam Brayton

April 4, 2013

After spending last semester repairing his car, Steven Klutho ‘13 and his ‘74-ish Volkswagen Beetle are now taking to the streets and driving around town. After driving his orange automobile to the library, he gave The Pioneer the grand tour of his car––new engine and all. Car Soundbites: ...

Adventures in Nelson and the World of Wearable Art Museum

Lindsey Holdren

March 3, 2013

It's our last day in Nelson and I've made a serendipitous discovery that I will share with you…. How to get an inverse Chaco tan in 5 easy steps: 1) Put on Chacos 2) Spray sunscreen on your feet 3) Scrap a few IQ points 4) Take off Chacos 5) Frolic in the sun for a few hours (preferably...

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