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Whitman Alumni Find Environmentalist Views Evolving

Thorndike organized this project.

Sam Chapman

May 13, 2013

At Whitman, ideals are one thing you can always count on finding somewhere. There is no shortage of people who believe strongly in something––in the end of rape culture, the abolition of modern slavery, the inadvisability of GM crops––and assert that the only way to get it is to fight for it. This...

Individual Blame Won’t Address Environmental Problems

Sam Chapman

April 25, 2013

I find it hard to recall the moment I first became an environmentalist. It's not as defined as the instant I became a writer (after reading "The Amber Spyglass" at the age of 11) or an environmental humanities major (about the fifth week of organic chem lab). What I do remember is that when my tender...

Divestment Should Be More than Just Symbolic

April 11, 2013

This column was contributed by Martha Sebald '14 This past weekend, a few dozen students and student representatives crowded into Reid Campus Center for an informational hearing to help ASWC determine whether or not it will support divestment: an important conversation indeed. Here I would like to ...

Divestment About Spectacle, Not Success

Divestment About Spectacle, Not Success

Sam Chapman

February 14, 2013

On March 15, 1986, Whitman's Board of Trustees voted on a divestment proposal for the first time. Students and faculty had both submitted resolutions urging the Board to remove companies from the college's portfolio that did business in apartheid-ridden South Africa; student activists went so far as to build...

Whitman Investments in Fossil Fuels Spurs Divestment Movement

Whitman Investments in Fossil Fuels Spurs Divestment Movement

Lachlan Johnson

January 24, 2013

In its most recent effort to organize efforts to combat global warming, Climate Campus Challenge (CCC) aims to change Whitman College's investment policy to encourage the college to withdraw funds, or "divest," from fossil fuel companies. The new campaign, which will be led by first-year Erika Longino and sophomore Sierra Dickey, will...

Mug share, bike share programs encourage campus participation

Allison Work

April 26, 2012

The month leading up to Earth Day brought new ways of being green to campus as Campus Climate Challenge unveiled two new "share" programs: a pilot bike share program and a Reid Campus Center mug share. Both projects aim to bring students resources not currently at Whitman. The pilot bike share progr...

Cool the Schools returns with new curriculum

Allison Bolgiano

March 31, 2012

In April, Whitman students will teach fourth and eighth graders about climate change in the fourth year of Cool the Schools, a program that gives Whitman students the opportunity to teach local elementary school students more about climate change. The curriculum has changed this year to include different...

Campus Climate Challenge cuts corn syrup consumption in name of conservation

Credit: Faith Bernstein

Emily Lin-Jones

February 16, 2012

Campus Climate Challenge challenged its members to avoid consuming any products containing high fructose corn syrup last week. The challenge was the second in a series of week-long challenges the club has planned for the spring semester. Weekly challenges are a new addition to the club's program t...

Composting Center opens with ribbon cutting ceremony

Credit: Alle Felt

Allie Felt

November 3, 2011

Members of the Industrial Composting Working Group and Campus Climate Challenge hold a ceremony to introduce the public to the newly installed vermicomposter on Saturday, Oct. 29. The shed is home to over 45,000 worms. ...

Campus Climate Challenge plans events, protests dirty energy

Dylan Tull

September 29, 2011

When faced with the biggest environmental issues in recent memory, Whitman students are not known to remain silent.   Whitman's Campus Climate Challenge (CCC) has had a history of being in the forefront of national environmental issues, and hopes to once again make Whitman an important presence in the...

Composting project explores sustainability

Credit: Allie Felt

Allison Work

September 22, 2011

While most Whitties' daily wanderings don't involve passing through a small corner of campus behind Jewett and Lyman, anyone who has recently walked along Stanton Street may have noticed a small red shed behind the dining halls. Soon, the shed will be home to 45,000 worms. It's all part of a new composting...

Gotta love a big block of cheese

Liz Forsyth

November 17, 2009

Big Block of Cheese Day was by all accounts a success, especially when measured by the cheese. By 6:30 p.m., the block of sage white cheddar cheese had been whittled down to a small cube, while senior ASWC President Nadim Damluji and senior ASWC Student Affairs Chair Jordan Clark sat happily in the...

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