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Townies destabilize vast swaths of Beta’s lands

Trevor Lewis

October 23, 2014

It has been only three months since militant townies first started making an appearance in Beta's sacred lands. However, since that time and because of some lightning-fast tactical raids, the townies have managed to gain control of the gravel pit, the rope swing and Kyle Seasly's guitar. Now, I know...

Whitman Basketball Player “Really Scared” After Hearing About Supernovas in Astronomy Class

Matt Raymond

January 31, 2013

Every basketball player knows a thing or two about "off days"––those days when, for some reason, the shots just can't find the bottom of the net.  Some attribute their atypically poor performances to nervousness before a big game, while others are affected by injury, fatigue or personal problems...

IHC athletes face unique challenges

Matt Manley

February 24, 2011

Sophomore Helen Jenne lives at the Community Service Interest House (commonly known as the Co-op) and swims freestyle for the varsity swim team. As she'll gladly tell you, she also does a lot of dishes. "With swim practice, it's often hard to make house dinner, and so I haven't cooked yet this...

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