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‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home’: Audience should stay home

Nathan Fisher

April 26, 2012

  Some movies are decent, and yet, you just don't enjoy watching them. "Jeff, Who Lives at Home" was one of those movies for me. Maybe I still have not recovered from the adrenaline rush of "Cabin in the Woods" or am spent from my differential equations midterm/zombie attack Friday aft...

Bluesy garage rock perseveres with Black Keys’ ‘El Camino’

Clara Bartlett

February 2, 2012

After they dropped out of college, childhood friends Patrick Carney and Daniel Auerbach, better known now as The Black Keys, made a living mowing lawns and whacking weeds for a slumlord. They ended up getting fired for not edging a lawn correctly, but the blues-rock duo pressed on, this time in a more...

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