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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Perceptions of diabetes and health: addressing the stereotypes

Sara Marshall, News Editor May 4, 2023

At the age of six, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, a condition that has been a part of my life for almost 14 years now. Living with a chronic condition without a cure has been an immutable fact...

Illustration by Madeleine Stolp.

Weight at Whitman: let’s talk about it

Zoe Schacter-Brodie, Feature Editor February 10, 2022

Note: All of the names used in this article are pseudonyms.  Sophomore Bella Dickinson wishes people would call her “fat” more often. “That sounds wrong—I’m not saying I want people...

Beauty and the Beholder

Hillary Smith February 25, 2014
It has always fascinated me how certain types of female bodies have gone in and out of fashion throughout history. It’s like bodies are fashion trends, and we can just cast off the old and adopt the new when we notice a new body we like better.

Is That a Person Or Is That Photoshop?

Hillary Smith February 12, 2014
Discussing the photo editing of women's bodies in the media.
Illustration: Tyle Schuh

Idealism and Difference: Body Image at Whitman

August 29, 2013
A guest columnist considers the Whittie approach to thinking about body image.
Illustration: Alex Bailey

BodyKind promotes positive body image

Allison Bolgiano March 11, 2012
BodyKind, a recently formed campus group aims to promote positive body-image and self-love through openness, support, and education.
Infographic by Ted Hendershot

Consuming control: Whitman students, professors talk politics of eating disorders

Rachel Alexander January 26, 2012
The line between healthy behavior and disordered eating can be razor thin. Physical fitness and healthy eating habits are presented as an ideal to aspire towards, and women in particular are bombarded with advertisements telling them that they can be perfect if they just count calories diligently and work hard to shed those last few pounds.

Student responses to eating disorders survey

Rachel Alexander January 26, 2012

The  Pioneer  surveyed students about stress, coping behaviors, food and body image as part of the research process for  our article on eating disorders. One hundred ninety-two students responded (almost...

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