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Skiers wary of budget cuts

Sylvie Luiten

March 1, 2012

Three years ago, the Varsity Ski Program was cut at Whitman, causing an uproar among students, and fear among the skiers about the future budget. "The varsity ski team program was cut when this year's seniors were freshman, so a couple years ago, and when that happened it was basically [that] they...

Ski team gets ready to hit the slopes

Tyler Hurlburt

December 9, 2010

It is officially winter. Thermometers read in the single digits, Styx has already been transformed into a brilliant white unicorn and the club alpine ski team is busy gearing up for its upcoming season. Even though snow has only recently made its arrival to the Whitman campus, the ski team has been training since the beginning of the school year. Without the snow, the team has done a lot of general condition...

Bluewood Ski Bus deals with no-shows

Bluewood bus seats remain empty after registrants do not appear on scheduled trips. Credit: Kim.

Alex Jeffers

March 5, 2009

Throughout this semester, Whitties have benefitted from a Saturday morning ski bus to the Bluewood ski area, a service made possible by left over ASWC funds from previous years. To take advantage of this opportunity, all one has to do is find the sign-up list in the OP office, write their name down, and show up at 8:30 a...

Telemark ‘community’ celebrated at Bluewood

Simon Pendleton, ‘11, skiing at Telefest at Bluewood over the weekend. The festival celebrated Telemark skiing, over 7000 years old. Credit: Falltrick

Shannon Buckham

February 26, 2009

It all started in Norway about 7,000 years ago. What Assistant OP Director Salmon Norgaard-Stroich calls a "granola," "hippie" and "retro" sport has been around long before the cavemen were replaced by sophisticated counterparts. This little piece of history: telemark skiing: was celebrated at Blue...

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