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Jeb Bush Reportedly Doing a Lot Better

Illustration by Claire Revere

Trevor Lewis, staff writer

October 13, 2016

As an audio tape recording of Donald Trump making lewd remarks threatens to throw the Republican campaign into chaos, Jeb Bush was seen smiling contentedly from his gilded dog kennel inside the Koch Brothers’ family compound. “He’s really doing a lot better these days.  We’ve been feeding him wet food f...

The Maté’s Finally Tasting Better

Mate and Bizcochuelo


August 3, 2011

So yes, I was a bit infatuated for a while. But it did eventually start to settle in: My first trip outside of the house without Gabi (my mom) was the scariest event of my life. Although the city is beautiful, the students are so heavily advised to "keep your bags in front of you and, if you can, have...

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