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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Hayden Cooper.

Universal healthcare: Just for the president or a basic human right?

Scout Hutchinson, Columnist October 22, 2020

When President Donald Trump was hospitalized with COVID-19, he had access to healthcare that is not available for the vast majority of Americans, and he knows it.  After being released from the hospital,...

OP-ED: Why the left lost, a post-mortem

Andy Burnstein, Senior April 14, 2020

When Bernie Sanders lost Super Tuesday and subsequent primaries by an embarrassing margin to Joe Biden, and again when he dropped out this past Wednesday, many of his supporters were not just angry, but...

Students canvass and promote political engagement for the Democratic presidential primary. Photos contributed by Elle Pollock and Andy Burnstein

Clubs and community members rally for presidential primary

Grace Jackson, News Reporter March 12, 2020

Whitman clubs and community members have taken up the charge to organize and create excitement around the 2020 primary presidential election. Washington state voted in the primary election on March...

The leaders of the Sunrise Movement in Walla Walla engage with Walla Walla and Whitman community members. Photos by James Baker

Sunrise Walla Walla: “The plan to win”

Kate Grumbles, Staff Reporter February 6, 2020

This Monday, Feb. 3, Sunrise Walla Walla hosted their 2020 Kickoff Party at Reid Campus Center with the hopes of drawing in new activists from the Whitman and Walla Walla communities.  The Walla Walla...

Signalling Through Stickers

Peggy Li, Opinion Editor April 19, 2018

Sitting in a classroom, I can almost guarantee that at least one person there will have some brightly emblazoned logo on their water bottle, computer or backpack, maybe with the words ‘Patagonia,’...

2016 will be remembered by its losers, not its victor.

Cyril Burchenal, Columnist November 3, 2016

The 2012 presidential election was hailed at the time as the most contentious and unpleasant campaign for the electorate in history. Four years later we can look back with nostalgia at a time when the...

The fall of Bernie Sanders

The fall of Bernie Sanders

Chris Hankin, Reporter July 27, 2016

Philadelphia - The third day of the Democratic National Convention was defined by the official nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, finally and totally ending the meteoric rise of Vermont...

Day One From the Democratic National Convention

Day One From the Democratic National Convention

Chris Hankin July 25, 2016
It seems fair to say that the only group of people that hate Hillary Clinton more than Donald Trump supporters are Bernie Sanders supporters.

Hillary’s Femdom Does Not Merit a Vote

Katy Wills, Columnist April 28, 2016
Clinton’s identity as a woman does not stand as a legitimate reason to elect her president of the United States, but it’s the reason many feminists do stand by.

Clinton Leads Sanders in Effort to End Racism

Ben Shoemake, Columnist March 10, 2016
When Hillary Clinton called for greater accountability during her speech in Harlem, it was a groundbreaking moment.
Photo by Anna Dawson

Sanders Promotes Realistic Solutions to Fundamental Problems

Olivia Gilbert, Columnist February 18, 2016
While Bernie proposes solutions that promote fundamental changes to the political system, Hillary offers little in the way of systemic change.
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