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Angela Davis challenges Whitman to Ban the Box

Abby Malzewski, News Reporter

March 5, 2020

Activist Angela Davis introduced the Ban the Box campaign to Whitman campus during her keynote speech on Feb. 19 that opened the 2020 Power & Privilege Symposium. During Davis’ talk, she asked the audience if Whitman has a Ban the Box movement on campus. After a slight murmur suggesting a l...

Angela Davis kicks off Power & Privilege 2020

Angela Davis kicks off Power & Privilege 2020

Abby Malzewski, Staff Reporter

February 27, 2020

This year’s keynote speaker for the Power & Privilege Symposium was Angela Davis. Davis is known for her work as a political activist as a member of the communist and Black Panther parties. In 1970, she served around 18 months in jail for one of her activist efforts that ended in an acquittal. Dav...

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