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WIC and Divest Whitman Seek Avenues for Sustainable Investment

WIC and Divest Whitman Seek Avenues for Sustainable Investment
March 5, 2018

Whitman Investment Company (WIC), sold its last oil share a few weeks ago, officially divesting from fossil fuels. WIC then reached out to Divest Whitman, a student-led organization devoted to pressuring...

In Defense of Sadness

April 28, 2016
Accepting sadness adds poignancy to life, makes us more creative, and helps us find and discover ourselves.

Climate Change’s Intersectionality

Climate Change's Intersectionality
February 11, 2016
At the end of the day, the sad truth remains that climate change – though universal and all-encompassing – doesn’t affect us all universally.

The Fraud Within Us All

January 28, 2016
We’re really all just bags of organs, walking around, trying to figure out life.

A Case for Being Lost

December 10, 2015
Instead of trying to force a plan over the undulating and unpredictable sea that is our lives, why don’t we dedicate ourselves to each little moment and let our lives unfold however they may?

A Path of One’s Own

November 19, 2015
Where comparison stops, true characters begin. Life begins.

Daring to Fail

Daring to Fail
November 5, 2015
Value lies in our characters, in who we are as people (hopefully “good eggs”) rather than in the laundry lists of success stories or images of infallibility we attempt to project.
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