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Mainstream Media: No Second Helpings Please

Nikolaus Kennelly, Columnist

November 10, 2016

Like most of my colleagues, I am the result of an experiment. I am what happens when you take 25 million kids and raise them on a 24-hour all-you-can-eat information buffet. A buffet in which a few main courses are served ad nauseam and the dessert section emits wafts of irresistible odors. I’ve tried...

Switchfoot to Play in Walla Walla

James Kennedy

April 17, 2014

Switchfoot, the famed alternative rock band from San Diego, will be performing at Walla Walla University on Monday, April 21. While tickets were at first only available to WWU students, sales have opened up to the public and tickets are now available in the WWU bookstore and student activities office...

Andrew Bird weaves deep pop melodies in new album

Clara Bartlett

April 5, 2012

Besides being a whistling virtuoso and a lyrical genius, Andrew Bird is capable of taking a song that begins as a simple melody and weaving it into something incredibly complex and beautiful. With his new album Break It Yourself, including a song featuring St. Vincent, Bird doesn't disappoint. All the ...

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