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New Student Consulting Corps Connects Students with Nonprofits

Jun Cai '22, Allie McCann '22, Ally Collier '20, Brit Stocks '20, Sofia Tello '20 and Ruilong Zhuang '20, gained consulting skills from working with non-profits in Walla Walla. Photo contributed by Shelly Rasmussen.

Rylee Neville, News Reporter

September 26, 2019

After looking for ways to strengthen bonds between students and the surrounding community, the Whitman Student Engagement Center (SEC) came up with a project called the Whitman College Student Consulting Corps.  The Whitman College Student Consulting Corps is a program funded by Sherwood Trust, a priv...

Encountering Marcus and Narcissa

Emma Fletcher-Frazer, Staff Reporter

October 1, 2018

In response to the defacement of the Narcissa Whitman painting and the Marcus Whitman statue that stands just off campus, the Encounters syllabus committee added a new unit this year. The unit centers around the statue, as well as the Maxey Museum exhibit entitled “A Proper Monument?” The fac...

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