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Vol. CLIV, Issue 4
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Slipping out of Japan

Spencer Wharton February 25, 2012

Damn, it happened again. I have this unfortunate tendency to stifle my own writing and put off writing about easy or simple things because I have multiple big ideas for posts, and I feel like I owe it...

On state-sponsored messages

Spencer Wharton November 24, 2011

A month or so ago, as part of a joint field trip with my Lenses of Culture and Waste and Pollution classes, we went to Osaka to visit the Osaka Human Rights Museum. Organizing thirty American students...

A Bitter Reflection

Spencer Wharton October 17, 2011

I failed to do the right thing today. I was walking home. I live near a middle school and an elementary school, so depending on when I get off the train, I occasionally run into a ton of students on my...

Catchin’ Up

Spencer Wharton October 9, 2011

I haven't posted for a couple of weeks. My bad. It hasn't been for a lack of content: there are always tons of stories to tell: but rather a lack of time. Last week was especially stressful, and I'll try...

Rainy days in Kyoto

Spencer Wharton September 20, 2011

  Today, it rained. We've had a couple days of rain before, but mostly of the drizzle and sprinkle varieties. Today, it was rain all day; big, heavy drops dripping down from a uniformly gray...

The End of Orientation, or, Becoming a Child Again

Spencer Wharton September 11, 2011

At this point, I've settled into my host family's home: at least a little bit. Orientation week is over, and tomorrow, classes start. I'm going to have to accept that there will come a time, most likely...

Kyoto Station

Spencer Wharton September 7, 2011

Tonight, after eating dinner in my hotel room, Sam and I went out to explore the area around our hotel. During this first week's orientation period, we're staying in the Kyoto Tower hotel, a large and...

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