Sun and Basketball

Emily Solomon, Staff Reporter

The Whitman College men’s basketball team traveled to Claremont, California a few weekends ago to take on their last two non-conference opponents of the season. On Friday, the team took on Claremont-Mudd-Scripps College, who they defeated 84-75, but the real challenge came Saturday night. The now sixth ranked Whitman Blues fell to the 25th ranked Pomona Pitzer Sagehens Saturday night in double overtime, 112-109.

If you’ve seen a Whitman men’s basketball game at any point during your college career, you probably were at a game that they won. Even if you’re an avid basketball fan and have been to many games, you probably haven’t seen them lose in a while. That’s because, for many of the Blues, it was their first regular season loss in almost three years.

Senior starting guard Joey Hewitt speaks highly of his team and the fun they had getting to travel and explore California.

“Our trip to California was great considering it was our first true road trip,” Hewitt said. “Being able to spend all that time together only strengthens our bonds and allows us to get closer as a team.”

Hewitt has treasured his time wearing a Whitman uniform and is well aware of the fact that his basketball clock is ticking. He also knows the feeling of being the team to beat and playing every game with a target on their backs.

“I’ve been extremely appreciative and grateful playing on the court knowing I have a very limited amount of time left,” Hewitt shared. “The targets on our backs remind us that every team we play is going to give us their best shot.”

The Blues defeated both Pacific University and Willamette University this past weekend to pick up their first two NWC wins. They will take on Eastern Oregon University this upcoming Saturday in an exhibition game before traveling to Phoenix, Arizona, over winter break.