Women’s Soccer Earns First Win

Quinn Salkind, Sport's Reporter

Photo by Tywen Kelly

After a losing streak to start the 2016 season, the Women’s soccer team earned their first win of the year, beating Pacific University 4-2 on October 9.

Lena De Guzman came out fast, scoring a first goal to put the team up 1-0 in the seventh minute, giving the team momentum out of the gate. “I believe that our win really came down to our hard work paying off in a first goal then using that momentum, building from our tight defensive shape, to create more scoring opportunities that individuals rose to translate into goals,” wrote Haley Case in an email. A short five minutes later, Pagan Hetherington scored another goal, solidifying the team’s early dominance. Chelsea Day and Kristin Brady both added their own goals, putting the women up 4-0 by the 35th minute.

The women held on to their first half lead for a final score of 4-2, as Pacific managed to score two goals near the end of the second half.

“Those goals were always in us, as in, we had taken all those shots before, and each game is a close competition, but before Pacific we were on the unlucky side of the ball. Our energy before the game was charged, but we were also focused, and all the shots we had been taking over the course of the season fell our way,” said captain Naomi Lee. 

Sophomore Ellie Fix completes a pass to a teammate during training. Photo by Tywen Kelly

Although the team will finish the season with a losing record, their focus is no longer on season totals, but on taking each remaining game of the season head-on. Their win has helped to maintain much of their competitive spirit. “It’s not about the score sheet anymore, it’s not about who we are playing, it’s about playing to our potential every second we are on the field and leaving with pride for who we are and how we played” Haley Case said.

Coming off their win, the team came out of the next weekend with an 0-2 loss against University of Puget Sound, and a 2-2 tie against Pacific Lutheran University. As of publishing, women’s soccer has a record of 1-11-2. “The past games have been fairly close and honestly could’ve gone either way,” Elyse Laurin said. “We know that we are capable of playing with any team in this conference and we’re going to continue to work hard to get better everyday.”

Although their record is 1-11-2, the team has played many games that came down to a single goal, indicating that their record is not completely indicative of the level at which they have been playing. The strong first-year presence also puts the team in position for a bright future.

Though it may not be the ideal season, the team is maintaining a positive attitude that will be a foundation of the team for years to come. “As a senior, I’m just focused on soaking up every game, one at a time, and really treasuring the time I have left with my teammates and this program,” Naomi Lee said.